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International Mail Forwarding Service, European Real Address

Business or Private, Virtual Office, Director's Address.

 100% acceptance.

Mail Forwarding Service, Bank Accounts, International Insurances, Parcel Forwarding Service.

A Real AddressA Valid UK or Europe Address

Registered AddressCompany and Director's Address

Credit CardsPre-Paid Credit Cards

Mail ForwardingHave Mail Sent Anywhere

Phone and SimsSIM cards and Phone Answering

Bank AccountsSetting up Bank Accounts

Legal ServicesDiscounted Legal Services

Insurance ServicesBespoke Insurance Solutions

How It Works - Step By Step Instructions

Choose your package and fill in your details:

To get a real address is a straightforward process. Choose your desired country and relevant package from our price list and fill in the required fields. You have the option to add-on additional services such as company formation or phone services. Please note that a few services are  not available in some countries.


Bank accounts and credit cards:

We can help with setting up bank accounts and/or pre-paid credit cards. We need additional information if these service are required. Please note that financial services are not available in every country we work with. IntAddress is not a financial adviser or bank. IntAddress is working within the guidelines and laws of 'Anti Money Laundering' (AML) and current legislators such  as 'Know Your Customer' (KYC).


Confirming your identity:

Generally, you are required to provide proof of identity if you require any financial services such as pre-paid credit cards, help with opening bank accounts or insurance services. Please note that some services are provided by selected partners, therefore you are bound to the terms of  those respective companies. We are able to assist in the process, start by ordering the real address service.

No proof of identity is required for our mailing, parcel forwarding or phone services. We are always complying with local laws, therefore it is advisable to be as accurate as possible when filling in the simple online forms.

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Invoicing currency:

All our fees are invoiced in €, (Euro - EUR). For accurate conversion rates, please use XE - When paying via bank transfers, Western Union or other means outside our preferred payment processor (PayPal), ensure that you use the correct exchange rate. This will avoid delays in processing your registration or our provision of services.


How to pay, frequency and discounts:

We accept all major credit or charge cards, as well as Western Union, including Western Union payments from the world-wide agency network. Wire transfers are accepted - you will need to complete the 'Proof of Identity' form prior any transaction.

Most clients use our services for longer periods - i.e. more than one month. It is your responsibility to ensure payments are made on time to secure all services you ordered. IntAddress does not offer ANY credit facilities for the services provided. Make use of the discounted quarter or annual payment plans.


Processes - Timing:

Depending on the services ordered, timings vary. Factors are (in order of importance) accuracy of information given, location (country) requested and correctly allocated funds of services ordered.

Generally, orders for services in the United Kingdom have the fastest  turn-around times, usually less than 24 hours.

Note: Financial services (regardless of country): - In most cases you will need a confirmed REAL address (we provide). Wherever your mail is forwarded to, it is your responsibility to ensure safe collection and response to requests from your selected institutions.


Need Help? Send us your questions!

If you have any questions about our services, feel free to ask. Please note that we will only answer pre-sale questions. Answers will be provided in English. If you are an existing customer and have questions regarding your account and related services, upgrades or want to make use of special offers, please use the relevant emails and numbers provided in your welcome email.

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