A Real European Address

Membership at IntAddress entitles to a Real Address in Europe.

IntAddress Europe

Address Plus Bank Account

  • Ideal for new businesses or companies with no trade record or no previous address.
  • Addresses in Europe, including Germany, Spain, Italy, France and the UK.
  • Confidential Service
  • European passport service
  • Mail forwarding, scanning and parcel service
  • European health services available.
  • Secure layers of confidentiality whilst complying with International laws.
  • No restrictions on individual's Nationality or status.
  • Start/re-start a positive financial path.
  • Lender approved banking facilities.

Banking and more

  • Guaranteed Payment Card with minimum Silver Membership*.
  • Payment cards are usually linked to financial offers.
  • European health service (depending on address chosen)
  • European address and banking CAN be linked.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a payment card as and when needed.
  • Internationally accepted.
  • Works at any MasterCard cash point/teller machine.
  • Simple application process.
  • Multi-card or partner cards available.
  • No references required.
  • Superfast and easy set-up - 24/7 service.
  • No application fee - (membership required).

Need Help? Send us your questions!

If you have any questions about our services, feel free to ask. Please note that we will only answer pre-sale questions. Answers will be provided in English. If you are an existing customer and have questions regarding your account and related services, upgrades or want to make use of special offers, please use the relevant emails and numbers provided in your welcome email.

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