IntAddress - A second address in Europe has many benefits.

Brexit – the currently most searched phrase on Google.

Nobody really knows how the UK or Great Britain's exit from the EU will eventually map out, but the demand for addresses in Europe has risen sharply since the referendum.

Europe ExpansionMost business people have a so called "Plan B". And one asks – what is a "Plan B"? Immediately, one thinks about the rich and famous, bank accounts in Switzerland, Cayman Islands, Bermuda and so on. But what about the general populous, in the UK, France, Italy – actually – wherever in the world? The answer is surprisingly simple. A "Plan B" is a registered real address somewhere else in the world! What are the immediate benefits and is it legal? Those questions spring to mind as soon as mentioned.
Anybody can have a mailing address – wherever in the world. There are no legal obligations.
Why should one have one? Strangely, most readers answer those questions to themselves, and keep their answers private. Giving the fact that a second address can protect from privacy concerns, family or divorce issues, business engagements and, of course the possibility of a bank account, registered company, trusts, property ownership – the list is endless – we forgive not to answer. Or – "I am travelling!"

IntAddress has created a portfolio of services to suit everybody´s needs. From the traveller who needs to see his/her mail (scanned and send via emai) to the business user with telephone answering service, virtual or real office in the most prestigious addresses in the world, IntAddress has it covered.

In today´s world, everybody needs a "Plan B". Like an insurance policy. World´s news are broadcasting 24/7 of people who didn´t have "Plan B". Finally, the questions of "cost" – A simple, easy understandable pricing structure makes a "dual" or "second address" affordable.

For additional information about real private addresses, business addressees or international bank accounts, contact IntAddress –