Frequently Asked Questions

Mail and parcel forwarding:

Q: Can you send mail just within the UK?
A: We can send mail across the world.

Q: Can I see my mail instantly?
A: Yes, all mail is scanned and forwarded to the email of your choice.

Q: Do you accept Parcels?
A: Yes, IntAddress accepts parcels.

Q: Why is there a "Set-up" Fee?
A: Unlike other providers, we offer a real mailing address, with exceptional services linked to it. A real person will handle your mail or parcel, security is provided accordingly and the administration cannot be done free of charge.

Q: How frequently do you send mail?
A: We normally send mail out each Friday, but we can send mail out, daily, monthly or whatever the client requires.

Q: If I go away can you hold my mail?
A: Yes, just give us your instructions, we will hold your mail and send it to you when you want.

Q: Confidential mail - how do handle my replacement PIN numbers?
A: Every piece of mail remains UNOPENED until you decide otherwise. Only once you request a particular piece of mail being opened, scanned and emailed to you, it will be worked on by one of our CTS approved staff.


Q: Do you have European addresses?
A: Yes. We provide locations anywhere in Europe.

Q: Can I choose?
A: Partly. In some counties we have more than one location.

Q: Do I get a real address?
A: Yes. A real address, not a PO Box.

Q: I need to start fresh - and need an address - will it work?
A: Yes, absolutely. Without an address you cannot even get a bank account. If you don't have a bank account or payment card, fill in the 'General Request' form. We do accept Western Union payments.

Q: Can private individuals use your service?
A: Yes, the Service is available to individuals and companies.

Q: Can the address be used by my bank or for my driving license?
A: Yes.

Q: If I order the service, how long does it take before I can use it?
A: As soon as you have placed the order and payment is made, your address is available and you can start using our UK Addresses. Other European addresses can take up to 48 hours to set up.

Q: Is it a genuine Residential Address?
A: Yes, All Residential Addresses can be checked out on Google Maps.

Q: Do you offer prestige addresses?
A: Yes, please contact us for details.

Q: Is my mail safe?
A: Yes, all our facilities are secured, mail and parcels are processed in a central location. For the avoidance of doubt, your physical mail or parcel is not processed at the address given. This is for security reasons. We use our own 'forwarding' service to ensure to have a central repository for collection and forwarding.

Q: Is it legal?
A: Yes, all you are doing is using the Address for receiving your Mail.

Other Services:

Q: How long does it take to have additional services on my account?
A: Less than 24 hours.

Q: Is it true that I can get bank accounts, credit cards and insurances when I sign up?
A: Yes. We do offer those services. If you have any questions regarding those services, please use the contact option in our website.

Q: Can I change my addresses or services?
A: Yes, please contact us for details. In principle, you can change the address given to you, including an address in Europe. (This might require an upgrade). Equally, you can downgrade or upgrade your membership. Please ask for details.

VIP Services:

Q: Which services are included in the VIP service?
A: Our V.I.P. is equivalent as having your own Personal Assistant. There are no limits to requests or services. Please use the 'General Information Request' option for more details. Prices vary.

Got more questions?

Please click on 'More Questions' if you have additional questions. Please note that we are very busy at the moment, the fastest way is to use our forms.

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