Contract Review Experts simplifies contract checking for individuals, SMEs and legal departments

Contract Review Experts, the leader in lawyer- based contract review analysis and negotiations enhances its services to help small and medium sized businesses.

A practical fast and efficient way of reviewing contracts including employment, prenup agreements, leases or simply a saving up to 90% of lawyer fees. Online, reviewed by qualified lawyers and returned to the client within 24 or maximum 48 hours, saving time and money.

The idea of reviewing contracts online was created and implemented by visionary Ralph Ehlers, former CEO of Check-A-Contract LLC. Taking this vision, the original management team are moving forward to a new level by incorporating into the UK and US markets. Whilst the Contract Review Experts´ website is relatively new, the technology behind the scenes has improved and with 6 years experience behind the team, the service now created is even better than before. This has been eagerly awaited by the business community at large, giving clients both flexibility in cost and time.

Contract Review Experts or CRE is a lawyer based review service which enhances Small & Medium sized Enterprises (SME´s) by simplifying the process to its clients, able to ‘drag and drop’ contracts, or other documents to the secure CRE system to be processed. “CRE creates an easy and affordable way to put legal contracts into ‘clearly understandable English’ providing clients with the knowledge to make informed and assured decisions” said Ralph Ehlers, Managing Partner. “The service focuses on SMEs helping them to understand the details and significant aspects of legal agreements - this allowing the client to understand every phrase within the contract” said Ehlers. “In short, our clients are never concerned by the ‘small print’ and make significant savings on the regular legal fees too!”, Ehlers commented.

The System:

Initial responses were welcomed by individuals, SME’s, forward thinking lawyers and legal departments, who will be able to integrate into the portal. Embracing this idea makes it possible to offer clients, individuals and SMEs a faster and efficient service without compromising regulatory standards. “CRE has been designed to allow legal information as well as contract guidance to as many people as possible. Thus, before entering legally binding agreements and eliminating adverse consequences, CRE gives the clientele complete assurance and understanding before signing any documents “, Ehlers added. “To sum up, CRE understand that a lot of businesses cannot afford traditional ‘fees’ linked to lawyer firms and need a fast safe and practical way of reviewing their contracts” concluded Ehlers.

CRE however, does not remove business from lawyers and solicitors or compete with lawyer firms. It is a service to those in small and medium sized companies who would normally not have access to a fast and efficient service, or indeed may never have used a service like this before, giving greater opportunities and a feeling of security in the knowledge that the team at CRE are working in their best interests.

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