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IntAddress BackgroundThe company owners recognised the need for businesses, expats and pretty much anybody else to have a real address in Europe or the UK. Whilst general communication is easy by using applications like Skype,  Whatsapp and so on; there is still a need and demand for a physical address. This to ensure banking facilities, insurance, mailing and parcel forwarding are kept working, without having the overheads of maintaining a property. Most banks, Credit Card facilitators or even Internet shopping sites are not recognising a PO Box as a valid address. IntAddress fills this gap, offering a variety of solutions, from individual needs to business and corporate mailing, communication and banking solution. Furthermore, with VIP membership benefits increase to parcel forwarding (world-wide), dedicated phone number plus forwarding, incl. mobile phones, SIM card and concierge services. For more information and pricing, please use the appropriate menu buttons.

What We Do

IntAddress Background

At IntAddress we focus on quality of service and being able to go that bit further. Whilst there are various companies in Europe offering mailbox services and associated other products, Int Address is one of the only provider of a real postal address in Europe and the UK. Even more, we offer more useful services such as phone or virtual office, a real forwarding telephone number with mailbox settings, financial assistance such as help with credit cards or opening bank accounts, insurance and discounted legal services. Through our VIP service, you will effectively have a virtual secretary - taking care of bookings, orders - whatever it might be.

For more information and pricing, please use the appropriate menu buttons.

Provision Of A Real AddressValid Europe or UK Address

Registered AddressCompany and Director's Address

Credit CardsPre-Paid Credit Cards

Mail ForwardingHave Your Mail Sent Anywhere

Business SolutionsBusiness mail and tax solutions

Insurance ServicesBespoke Insurance Solutions

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If you have any questions about our services, feel free to ask. Please note that we will only answer pre-sale questions. Answers will be provided iin English. If you are an existing customer and have questions regarding your account and related services, upgrades or want to make use of special offers, please use the relevant emails and numbers provided in your welcome email.

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