A Mail Forwarding Service Can Help A Business

Really - Do We Need a Mail Forwarding Service?

Mail forwarding services are a great way to save money on shipments to almost anywhere in the world. It’s a great way to cut down on the clutter of junk mail. Here are just a few examples of people and companies that successfully use mail forwarding services.

International Businesses Mail Forwarding

Most International companies would like to do business anywhere in the World, but some worry about the costs involved. Mail forwarding companies can provide a key bridge to allow International companies a foothold in any market.


The first important piece is to provide the business with a REAL address. Consider your business now has a REAL address in the UK or in EUROPE, it has a REAL presence, for example like IntAddress or UsBox.

This presence can be used to handle product returns, consolidation of mail, or even order fulfilment. Having an address means lower shipping charges within the specific country or its neighbours. If the mail forwarding company handles your product returns, then you have an easy way for customers to return their products while you get one consolidated shipping package of all your returns. These all give your company higher customer satisfaction.

Mail Forwarding Services Benefits for International Businesses:

  • Get a REAL address and presence for your company
  • Have one place for your product returns or mail
  • Mail order fulfilment
  • Lower your shipping costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction

UK and Europe Based Businesses:

International shipping can be a real costly hassle. It’s full of different fees and regulations. Some businesses give up and decide not to ship internationally, others slog through it and end up wasting valuable time and resources.

Many smart businesses are having their cake and eating it too by turning the entire process over to a mail forwarding company. Mail forwarding companies are experts in international shipping and can greatly increase your businesses customer satisfaction by getting them their packages on a timely basis.

What out look out for:

  • A mailing forwarding service company should be able to offer International services
  • Provision of REAL addresses – not just PO boxes
  • Sophisticated mailing technology
  • Reputation

In short -> If you look for a reputable mail service, regardless of requirements, look for one of the trusted and confirmed operations first. IntAddress LLC